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Why Entelki?

Our Product Portfolio provides:

  • The most Comprehensive baseline Strength - Weakness Analysis

  • Development using one of the best Skills & Competency Enhancement models in the world

  • Multi-layered Performance Monitoring & Measurement Mechanism

Strength - Weakness Analysis

  • Most Scientific Analysis of Highest number of Skills & Competencies
  • Strength - Weakness Analysis based Career Guidance
  • Recommended Action Plan for Improvement

Skill & Competency Enhancement

  • Integrated Model with key elements from world's top 10 Education Systems
  • Development of 21st Century Skills & Competencies
  • Tailored solution for Tribal, Rural, Urban students

Performance Monitoring & Measurement

  • 'Anytime', 'Anywhere' on-line Performance Monitoring & Control
  • Improvement over baseline performance provided
  • Enables timely Corrective & Preventive actions


Fulfilment of the dreams is made easy by Entelki through variety of products covering the entire Skills and Competency Development process.

ABL Model Peritia©

NEP 2020, RTE 2009 compliant Model Peritia© ensures Holistic Development of Tribal, Rural as well as Urban students

Utthan: Tribal Brethren

Holistic Utthan of our Tribal brethren for overcoming their Educational, Economic and Social backwardness!

Jeevan Disha©

Overcome improvement areas identified through the Strength Weakness Analysis, and reach your Career Goalpost!

SWAn: On-line Test

Having chosen the Dream Career, know what it all takes to achieve it! Get SW Analysis done and Improvement Plan!









About Us

The word ‘Entelki’ derived from the Greek word ‘entelechy’ means ‘Realizing Potential'. Team Entelki, having a pool of experts in various fields like Human Development, Education, and Child Psychology with experience in respective fields ranging from 20 to 30 years, sincerely believes that every individual inherently possesses tremendous potential. This potential, for achieving success in life, needs to be first scientifically analysed and discovered and then systematically developed.

Industry experts and academicians advise us on an ongoing basis towards maintaining the right balance between the society’s requirement and system capability.

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