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Of Tribal Brethren



Overcoming Educational, Economic, Social Backwardness

Today, without acquiring proper skills, people can no longer compete in an increasingly knowledge-based global society. Under such circumstances, overcoming the educational, economical, and social backwardness of our Tribal brethren and bridging the wide ‘Skills and Employability’ gap between the mainstream Indian community and them is the most difficult challenge.

In order to facilitate the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, MoTA at the Centre, and the corresponding Tribal Development / Welfare Departments at the State level overcome these challenges, Entelki has envisaged, designed, and developed a multidimensional program / project Utthan touching all spheres of the Tribal life with the following key features.

Let us join hands and work together for overcoming the educational, economic, and social backwardness of Tribal community and bridge the gap between the mainstream Indian community and our tribal brethren.

Improving Quality of Education

Using Entelki’s NEP 2020 compliant Holistic Child Development Model Peritia©

Creating Local Job Opportunities

Locally recruited youth to be at the centre of improving the Quality of Education

Bridging Skills, Employability Gap

Enhancing Life, Vocational and Self Employment Skills with help of industry experts

Improving Teachers’ Capabilities

Training the Teachers on use of technical tools and methods for improving learning outcome

Career Guidance

Skills and Competency Analysis based Career Guidance to Meritorious students

Awareness Creation

About Health, Hygiene, Safety, Security, Legal Rights and Privileges among Youth