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Jeevan Disha

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Jeevan Disha

Entelki - Jeevan Disha

Jeevan Disha

Today, when the career paths are becoming more unpredictable, and many of today’s careers are rapidly becoming obsolete, without acquiring proper skills, people can no longer compete in an increasingly knowledge-based global society.

To enable, therefore, today’s students and youth successfully meet the above challenges, leading professionals, educators, and governments around the world, and especially in India, are focusing on developing Skills and Competencies of the 21st Century.

For every individual, however, to acquire 21st Century of Skills and Competencies, it is very important first to get a complete insight into his current strengths and weaknesses. Entelki skill profiling plan ‘Jeevan Disha©’ gives every individual, from upper secondary class students, to undergraduates and graduates, a complete and scientific SWOT analysis based on their current status of abilities that goes much beyond the mere analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.

Contact us for more details and we will help choose and finalize a plan for you that is most appropriate for your needs and expectations.



SWOT Analysis based on the highest number of human skills and traits

Test Method

On-line Multiple Choice Questions with weighted score methodology

Analysis Report

Graphical Analysis Report available on-line with ‘Print’, and ‘Save’ options

Career Guidance

Career Guidance is based on the current status of the skills and traits

Gap Analysis

Gaps between the current SW and that required to get into dream career are indicated

Improvement Plan

Recommended Plan of Action provided to convert weaknesses into strengths

How It Works