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Paoolwaat Foundation working from last six year for creating employment in rural area ( Core range of Sahyadri ) named called Athara Gaon Maval. They provide Hostel Facility free of cost to those students who walk more than 10 km daily. All education help, food, shelter provided at free of cost.

New Technical hall built for their skill development. Crash courses design with the help of Vigyan Ashram, Pabal. Skill development like Plumbing, Electrical, Fabrication, in agriculture, Kukut Palan, Goat Farming, Go palan, various bakery products are started.

Lupin Human Welfare & Research Foundation was founded on 2nd October, 1988 by Shri Desh Bandhu Gupta, Chairman and Founder of Lupin group of companies, with an objective to provide an alternative model of sustainable rural development.

Lupin Foundation has been working closely with central and state Governments to empower the under privileged sections of society and also towards providing basic infrastructure to the rural areas. The foundation has been actively involved in areas like rural and tribal employment generation, basic sanitation, education quality improvement, availability of clean drinking water etc.

Desh Bandhu and Manju Gupta Foundation was established with a vision of offering the society as a whole, an alternative and sustainable development model that focuses on enriching quality of life through enhanced human and natural resources.

Based in Dhule district of Maharashtra state, Desh Bandhu and Manju Gupta Foundation focuses primarily on following three major areas of development :

  • Natural Resource Management : This includes Watershed development, Irrigation, Transforming waste land to cultivable land etc.
  • Social Development : This focuses on Women Empowerment, Health, Education
  • Economic Development : This includes promoting advanced agricultural and animal husbandry techniques, Skill Development for Self Employment etc.


Gram-Mangal is an NGO in Maharashtra which is dedicated to providing quality education to tribal and rural children. It was established by renowned educationists, Padmashree Anutai Wagh and Prof. Ramesh Panse.

For the last 34 years, Gram-Mangal has been working for upliftment of tribal people in Maharashtra. Realizing that the base of any upliftment is basic education, and that quality education is not available in these areas, Gram-Mangal has been working relentlessly in this area for many years. Gram-Mangal has developed and implemented teaching-learning methodologies that are in accordance to the principles and current understanding of Cognitive Science, Child Development and Learning. These methodologies provide stress-free, joyful and enriching learning experiences for the children.

Education to Home, ETH, founded under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Vijay Bhatkar has been working towards bringing education to millions of learners transcending all boundaries. It is primarily working in the area of usage of ICT in the field of education. Initiatives taken by ETH involving ICT for School Transformation (ICTFS) have reached close to 500 schools in Maharashtra, and in several schools in 12 countries spanning GCC and Africa.

‘Freedom to Learn’ is the main theme of ETH and they have developed tools, techniques, courses and programs that will allow aspiring learners to get desired education from anywhere.