Skill Profiling

Entelki Skills Profiling Plans

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

                           - A quote by Lao Tzu, the philosopher of ancient China

For travelling thousands of miles of journey of your career, the first step would be to ‘know yourself very well’ by choosing appropriate Entelki 'Skill Profiling’ plan. The earlier you take this step, the faster you would start walking your career path. Depending upon who you are, whether a higher secondary school, a normal or Professional undergraduate or a graduate student, or a in-service professional, you can chose the appropriate Skills Profiling Plan developed specially for you, from the following :


Very detailed SWOT analysis of 34 skills and traits to get the most appropriate career direction !

₹ 1000/-


Today, as the employment market is constantly evolving, the career paths are becoming more unpredictable, and many of today’s careers are rapidly becoming obsolete, students, youth and in-service professionals need to be equipped with variety of skills, competencies, and qualifications, to remain afloat in the competition.

For every individual, however, to acquire variety of skills and competencies, it is very important first to get a complete insight into his current strengths and weaknesses. Entelki ‘Skill Profiling’ plans give every individual, from upper secondary class students, undergraduates and graduates to in-service professionals, a complete and scientific SWOT analysis based on their current status of abilities that goes much beyond the mere analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.

SWOT Analysis

Features Comparison

Feature Entelki Plans / Tests Other similar Plans / Tests
Number of personality traits and skills checked 34+ 16-18
Indices depicting the personality [e.g. EQ, IQ etc.] 4 1 – 2
Careers suggested based on current status 10 Best Suited General Directions
Career Repository [Number of Careers] 200+ 70 – 100
Gap [between suggested and desired career] Analysis
Guidance for improving the Weaknesses / Gaps
Personal Counselling

Entelki Skill Profiling & Career Guidance Test - For School, Undergraduate, and Graduate Students


Areas of Benefit
Higher Secondary Students
Undergraduate Students
In-service Professional
Parents (For their Child)
Early Start Advantage --
Best Suited careers Suggestions --
Knowledge of Fitment to the existing Career -- -- --
Knowledge of skill Gaps
Action Plan to overcome Gaps
Possibility to pursue Dream career/s --
Improved performance in existing career -- -- --
Financial and emotional satisfaction
Strengthening of the Child-Parent bond --
Better contribution to Society, Nation