Jeevan disha


Our flagship product Career Guidance Test – ‘Jeevan Disha’ truly guides youngsters towards successful professional careers and enhancements. The unique features are as under:

  • Suitable for children in between 9th to 10th standard and undergraduates
  • Tests candidate's score on 30+ human skills and traits and provides strength and weaknesses analysis
  • Suggests best suited careers as per the present strength – weakness status of the candidate
  • The Gap Analysis feature, shows the gaps, if any, between the current performance and that required to get into candidate’s dream career
  • Suggestions to overcome the gaps to facilitate entry into career of choice

The test is currently available in English and Marathi and will be soon launched in Hindi as well.
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1. Vedanti Godbole: Like every other student, I was confused while taking a decision about my career. Entelki’s Career Guidance Test was the best solution for this. I came to know about my strengths and weaknesses and was suggested careers accordingly. I was also able to improve on my weaknesses by the ‘Suggestions for Improvement’ feature in this test. I would recommend this test to one and all!


2. Shripad Ogale: My daughter, Shreya, after passing 10th SSC Board exam underwent ENTELKI's career guidance test. Before that we had two such tests to decide her career. The result of earlier two tests contributed to a lot of confusion for my daughter and we the parents. However, all the confusion was wiped out after getting the result and analysis of Entelki test. The test covers to analyse all the aspects required for such analysis i.e Intellectual Ability, Emotional Status, Life Skills and General Attributes. Further it recommends best suited careers based on the result with detailed graphical report. The best part of it is the Gap Analysis. Entelki also suggests improvements for the desired career of the student. I am very much obliged as Entelki helped us to decide the future of my daughter's career. Thanks a lot Entelki.

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