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Achieving Institutional Aims and Objectives

‘The right man for the right job' is what the world believes in today. When an institution is able to guide and develop each student effectively, based on individual traits, capabilities and skills, there is little doubt that the students of the institution would succeed greatly in their life, bring honor to the institution, and glory to the Nation.

Identifying, and enhancing every student’s inherent skills and competencies during their formative age is far more effective than the normal ‘curriculum only’ based development approach. This approach would not only help institutions achieve academic success in various important examinations and competitions, but also facilitate ‘holistic development’ of their students while developing them as value system abiding responsible citizens.

Academic Success

Improved performance of the school in the 10 th Grade examination, brings out the best in students and creates a talent pool for future

It motivates students to aspire and strive for better and emerge out to be the best. A student achieving good marks / rank in the 10 th Grade examination, develops a sense of confidence and is most likely to perform better in the similar examinations in the future

Holistic Institutional Growth

School becomes a catalytic agent for the holistic development of its students that includes, the development of their overall skills and competencies, making them more creative and innovative, and helping them think logically and critically

The communication skills of the students improve substantially

The improved Analytical and independent problem solving abilities of the students raise the overall performance bar of the school to a much higher level in various competitive examinations

Develop Responsible Citizens

“Intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.”
            — Martin Luther King Jr.

The students learn to feel, think and act with respect for themselves as well as for others

They also learn to pursue their own well-being, and be considerate for the needs and feelings of others

With this learning, the school alumni develop into Responsible Citizens


About Entelki Model: Peritia

To enable each educational institutions achieve the above stated objectives, Entelki has developed a multilingual, ICT based, ‘Students’ Skills and Competency Development Model, Peritia’. The Model uses the most effective ‘Plan-Do- Check-Act’ methodology to develop variety of skills and traits among the primary, secondary, and upper primary students, such as ‘Logic, and Reasoning’, ‘Language Proficiency’, ‘Mathematical Proficiency’, ‘Concentration’, ‘Creativity’, ‘Memory’, ‘Social Sense’, ‘Time Management’ etc.
The skills and traits are developed through activities, which the students enjoy, while developing the skills. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation methodology provides view of the performance improvement of each student, the whole class, as well as the entire School, at any time of the day.



About Entelki Model: Jeevan Disha

Vast range of career options available today, along with the technological advancement, should actually help today’s students take informed decisions and choose their career paths more confidently. But, constantly evolving employment market makes these career paths extremely unpredictable, and many of today’s careers rapidly obsolete.
‘Jeevan Disha’, the ‘Skill Profiling’ Plan developed scientifically by Human Resource and Child Psychology experts at Entelki, for higher secondary school and college students, provides a very reliable solution to the problem of ‘Career Choice’. Detailed SWOT analysis of individual personality over 34+ skills and traits gives the students a complete insight into their current strengths and weaknesses, suggests ten best suited careers and provides a detailed action plan to convert weaknesses into strengths.


Entelki Profling & Career Guidance Test



These activities instilled motivation and self confidence in our students.

Concentration, leadership skills, vocabulary has improved. Students have also shown great improvement in English communication - written and oral. They also enjoy extra reading and are keen to gather general knowledge. Class participation has increased and students enjoy these activities a lot.





Our student’s abilities of thinking independently, perception, reasoning and inquisitiveness have improved. Their self confidence has improved. Students who kept to themselves now involve in class activities.

There has been an increase in their knowledge and our teaching techniques have got positive inputs. Overall, the enthusiasm for learning of students has improved & the kids are more focused.