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  • Frequently Asked Questions- Institution

Ideally, a full-fledged computer lab would enhance the performance. However, the implementation could be effectively done with one computer and an internet connection. Availability of a printer would help

Teachers act as mentors and the activities are done in a class. Hence it is not possible (and advisable) to include some students while excluding some others.

No. The activities are to be performed during Work experience sessions and some of the activities are to be conducted during sessions of particular subjects

While class teacher takes the overall responsibility, subject teachers, PT teachers, WE teachers, IT teachers are involved together to cover aspects pertaining to their subjects. The class teacher is the overall coordinator, further coordinated by the supervisors and the Principal.

Ideally, the parents and the teachers should interactively develop the students/ children. Entelki development activities have mentioned parents’ involvement in specific activities pertaining to some of the life skills (like time sense development and self organization etc). It is expected that the parents communicate with the mentors at least once a month and exchange views and observations.

Please contact us on the mail or telephone given under ‘Contact Us’ and we will guide you.

Yes, science and maths are covered for 7th to 10th standards. Some important chapters have been covered. GK and World Around us is covered for standards 3rd to 10th.

It is not essential that a teacher should be proficient in IT. The teacher should have working knowledge of operating e-mail and download data from the internet browsers. Entelki gives operational training to the teachers, supervisors and the Principals before implementing the model. That training with ‘Hands-on’ experience is sufficient to implement the model. Entelki would also be providing user manual to each school and online and off-line support to resolve any difficulties would be available from Team Entelki.

There is no extra load involved as the activities are essentially conducted during WE and subject sessions. In fact, the activities help enhance students’ academic and all round performance. The website being user friendly, it helps reduce burden substantially once the mentors are acquainted with the site.

This is a web based interactive model and hence CDs are not available. The website provides dynamic data and stores the results dynamically. CDs are only provided by those business houses where the data is of static nature (like Newton’s Laws or mathematical expressions). Here, the development pattern of each student being different, it is dynamic. In this model, the teachers have a lot of flexibility to use their own initiatives while conducting activities and projects. Thus, it cannot be captured on a CD.

Yes, it is available to individuals too. Please check our Parents section for more details. Our Career Guidance Test is also available for the individual users.

  • Frequently Asked Questions- Career Guidance Test

A Career Guidance Test is a set of questions that check performance of a human on different skills and traits that are basic to any human. The test indicates strengths and weaknesses and leanings in terms of some ‘Intellectual’, ‘Emotional’, ‘Life Skills’ and ‘Other Attributes’. It is the combinations of these attributes that make a human succeed in life in typical areas of careers. Thus, the Career Guidance Test is a method of Human Mapping.

No. It is independent of Academic and other knowledge.

Each career requires certain skill sets. To give an example, a scientist requires excellent analytical ability and also tremendous patience. He/ she also requires creative thoughts to invent new things or solve some problems creatively. Analytical ability, patience and creativity are mandatory for a scientist. Similarly, for a lawyer, logic and communications as well as presence of mind are highly essential. Each career has certain requirements of skills and traits. Once these are known, the results of the test help in determining the closest careers that are available to a candidate giving this test.

Every person has a ‘Dream career’ in his/ her mind. However, the question is, will a person be successful in that career? The answer is, ‘The person can succeed if the combination of skills and traits needed to be successful in a career are possessed by the person’. In case the skills and traits are not possessed, the Gap analysis indicates the gaps between the skills and traits required by any career and the actual score of the candidate. Improvement in such skills and traits that fall short of the expectations will take the candidate to succeed in his/ her dream career. Through counseling (personal and on-line) , we suggest the methods for improvement.

Firstly, this career guidance test shows Gap Analysis. Secondly, it is devised especially for Indian Environment. Thirdly, for students from 9th to 12th standards, the level of career guidance test is different from the one for under-graduates. Lastly, the test indicates more than 100 careers and information regarding them.

Ideally, after the age of 15, the test is useful and till a person graduates.

The test is ‘on-line’. A student needs to register for the test by paying appropriate fees after filling in the required information. On registering, each student/ candidate is allotted a user name and password. Using the user name and password a candidate is able to open the website and ‘log in’ into the system and take the test. The system shows detailed instructions on the site. The candidate taking the test should read the instructions and ‘perform’ the test. At the end, when the last question is answered, the candidate ‘submits’ the test and the system works out and displays the test in ‘My Performance’ tab. For further clarifications, contact Entelki at 09823980987.

  • Frequently Asked Questions- Individual

The child will develop intellectually, emotionally and will acquire life skills that will sharpen the child’s abilities and will have collateral benefits in improving academic scores. The child’s general awareness will also improve greatly. The child’s physical standards will also improve.

The parents will act as mentors and make the child perform activities as directed on Entelki’s website. The parents are expected to guide the child before the activity is performed and at the end of each activity evaluate the child based on the guidelines given at the end of each activity. The parent will record the evaluation into the website and will also debrief the child on performance so that the child improves further. This is an on-going year long process.

Generally, each activity can be completed within a span of about 30 to 40 minutes. Only some of the activities continue over two sessions. It is expected that the parents conduct minimum two activities per week. However, there is no restriction for maximizing the activities. Thus, a parent is required to spend a minimum of 1 to 1.5 hours per week of quality time with the child. Any parent who spares more time per week can see better results.

Availability of one computer/ laptop with internet connectivity is sufficient. Printer, if available, will add greater value. However, it is optional.

The system is very user friendly and does not require software proficiency. Anyone who uses internet and is regular in sending and receiving mails and also on Face Book or such like social media can use this model easily.

The system has a method of generating a report card when chosen by the user. The report card generation has options to check the status of the child for different traits. Tabular and graphical view is available to the parent. The advantage of this is that the weak areas get identified and the parent can focus more developing weak areas of the child. Each type of activity can be repeated 5 times to give additional exposure. The parents have the freedom to change the inputs every time.

You are most welcome to contact us on the contact address or mail or telephone and our support service personnel will help you out immediately.

When you register with us (Go to Register button and click there), you will be given a user identification (code) and password (you will generate this yourself). You will get a link on your mail and by opening the link you may reset your password. Once the password is registered, you are free to use the site. For using the site, log into the site (by clicking the button with a human icon). The site will take you to “My Plan” page. You can proceed through Capability Development Tag and conduct the activities under Intellectual – Emotional, Life skills, Physical and Projects. Titles of a set of activities under each of these are shown to you. You are free to open and perform any of the activities. When you complete any activity and fill in the evaluation and save it, the activity that is completed goes out of the stack and the next activity is seen. You should aim to be balanced and conduct ‘Intellectual – Emotional’ and ‘Life Skills’ activities turn by turn. Conduct physical activities at greater regularity. The model also has a “Knowledge Enrichment” tab and through that, you may access GK part. Make the child perform projects also.

Yes, it is available through appointment.

There is a button that reads CDQ or capability Detection Questionnaire under the tab Capability Development. It is also available through ‘My Plan’ page. This is a set of questions that you may download (download button is given) and make your child answer those simple multiple choice questions. When you submit it into the system by saving the responses of the child, the system shows performance on various skills and traits that are considered critical for your child. That indicates the baseline. Hereafter, by performing various activities pertaining to skills and traits that are mapped to these activities the child is expected to enhance the base line performance. This can be seen through ‘Report Card’.