Creativity Junior


Help your child develop Creative and out of the box thinking, for joyful, successful life!

  • Results are visible within short span of time, while your child enjoys the activities

  • Enhances ability to think out of the box in the fields of arts and culture

  • Prepares the child to find practical solutions to problems with creative thinking

  • Child performs better in various competitive examinations and tests

This plan is currently available in English and will be available in Marathi and Hindi soon.


1. Mrs Radhika Subramanyam, Bangalore: An excellent plan for the modern day young students to convert abstractness in their thoughts into something creative! It helped my daughter a lot. Surabhi always fantasized whenever she saw anything beautiful – a rose, an evening in the garden – anything that attracted her. But, she found it difficult to express her thoughts. This plan helped her a lot.