Concentration Sub Junior


Worried about your child’s lack of concentration? Look no further! Entelki’s 'Concentration - Junior' plan developed for students between 3rd & 4th standards will definitely help you overcome your child's Concentration issues in a short span of time. Following benefits of this plan are observed:

  • Results are visible within short span of time, while your child enjoys the activities

  • Enhanced concentration further helps improves understanding of academic subjects

  • Watch your child perform better in academic and extra academic examinations

  • Reduces study and revision time enabling a child ‘do more in less time’

This plan is currently available in English and Marathi and will be available in Hindi soon.


1. Mrs. Shruti Padhye: My son is in 3rd standard and enjoys performing all the activities and looks forward to our sessions with these. His concentration has improved a lot. Entelki’s model has also helped us in improving his confidence level. We get an opportunity to spend some quality time with our son and this makes the process enjoyable to us