Concentration Junior


Worried about your child’s lack of concentration? Look no further! Entelki’s 'Concentration - Junior' plan developed for students between 5th to 7th standards will definitely help you overcome your child's Concentration issues in a short span of time. Following benefits of this plan are observed:

  • Results are visible within short span of time, while your child enjoys the activities 
  • Enhanced concentration further helps improves understanding of academic subjects
  • Watch your child perform better in academic and extra academic examinations
  • Reduces study and revision time enabling a child ‘do more in less time’

This plan is currently available in English, and Marathi and will be available in Hindi soon.


1. Mrs Aparna Jadhav, Mumbai : It is always difficult to control children of adolescent age. Particularly, to make them overcome their ill-placed assumptions is a herculean task. My daughter, Shreya, had developed a great liking for languages and hated to study social studies and science. It was very difficult for her to concentrate on the subjects of her dislike. When she passed her 7th examination, the signs of such selectivity became evident. Shreya was unable to concentrate on her subjects of dislike as the degree of difficulty of those subjects increased. She was unable to grasp even a straight forward argument in the textbooks. However, when she was made to go through the concentration exercises suggested by Entelki’s Concentration Junior Plan, she started coming to the grips with her problems. Even when she did not like a subject, she could sit and concentrate and understand the subject matter. This enhanced her performance in the academics. The activities suggested are interesting and I feel that even adults could use them. Each activity really calms down a person’s senses and helps bring to the focus the entire being. Thank you ‘Entelki’ for your innovative plan.