Annual Plan


This plan develops Intellectual, Emotional, & Life skills of a child along with his/ her academic knowledge and Physical capacity towards the building of his overall Capability. Following benefits of the programme are observed:

  • Parents act as mentors and hence enable them to keep a closer watch on their child’s progress. This helps in removing academic and behavioural weaknesses
  • Improves academic performance
  • Enables a child to perform better in the state and national level academic and non-academic competitions
  • Baseline capacity is established at the beginning
  • ‘Activity Based Learning’ makes learning interesting and develops academic interest in the child

This plan is currently available in English and will be available in Marathi and Hindi soon.


1. Mr. Prafull Dravid: I was looking for a method to scientifically develop my daughter and my search ended at Entelki. My daughter enjoys all the Entelki activities and has developed a greater interest in studies! Maths has become her favourite subject now. She has also become disciplined and organised. I would definitely recommend this system to all the parents so that they also enjoy developing their child as much as I do!


2. Mr. Vaibhav Joshi: Apart from the school curriculum, we wanted to know a method to instil confidence in our son. We got a great solution in the form of the Entelki Child Development model. Our son loves all the activities, especially the Language Enrichment ones. He has started thinking independently due to the Analytical Ability improvement activities. He now enjoys all the activities related to intellectual thinking. We are very happy with Entelki’s model.