Analytics Sub Junior


Do you want your child to succeed in various competitive examinations related to Mathematics and Science? Our Analytics – Sub Junior Plan will help develop a very strong Analytical and Logical thinking foundation of your child.:

  • Your child will start finding problem solving and mathematics very interesting

  • Encourages independent thinking, and improves Problem Solving ability

  • Watch your child perform better in academic and extra academic competitions

  • The plan lays a very strong foundation for challenging career options like IT, Engineering, Science and Research, going ahead

This plan is currently available in English, and Marathi and will be available in Hindi soon.


1. Prakash Rao, Mumbai: My son, Saurabh, hated science and mathematics because of lack of understanding. I made him attend private tuitions and yet he barely managed to scrape through in the examination. Whenever, at home, anyone said anything regarding general happenings around, Saurabh never asked any doubts or questions. He just accepted whatever was said, right or wrong. Even while studying his effort was more towards mugging things rather than understanding things. When I discussed this with his class teacher and tuition guide, we came to a conclusion that Saurabh fails to ask “How” and “Why” of anything and does not attempt to solve any riddle. He easily gives up. That is when I stumbled upon Entelki’s Analytics Sub-junior. I subscribed to it and started making Saurabh play those ‘games’ that stretched his brain and made him think. He slowly got interested and started thinking independently. He started asking questions. Even when he was wrong in his deductions, at least he started making attempts to think. I made Saurabh consider all aspects given in the activities and repeated them a number of times. I am happy to say that it helped him.