Analytics Junior


Do you want your child to succeed in various competitive examinations related to Mathematics and Science? Our Analytics – Sub Junior Plan will help develop a very strong Analytical and Logical thinking foundation of your child:

  • Your child will start finding problem solving and mathematics very interesting

  • Encourages independent thinking, and improves Problem Solving ability

  • Watch your child perform better in academic and extra academic competitions

  • The plan lays a very strong foundation for challenging career options like IT, Engineering, Science and Research, going ahead

This plan is currently available in English and Marathi and will be available in Hindi soon.


1. Mrs Anagha Patwardhan, Aurangabad: Ananya tended to take the easiest option while studying. Whenever she faced a problem in mathematics that required analytical reasoning, she always gave up. She would approach my son and asked him to solve the problem. My son could solve it easily and gave it to his sister Ananya. But, Ananya never tried to understand the solution in terms of the conceptual aspects. As Ananya got into 8th standard, this habit of hers started showing adverse effects. She failed to utilize the analytical capacity of the brain. However, when she was put through Entelki’s programme, she enjoyed the games and puzzles. Even after completing the short plan of Entelki, we continued to give her problems to solve, repeating the Entelki activities. This helped her. Her dislike for the mathematics and reluctance to think independently slowly ended. She enjoys challenging riddles and puzzles. Thanks to Entelki.