About Us


The word ‘Entelki’ derived from the Greek word ‘entelechy’ means ‘Realizing Potential.’ We believe that every individual inherently possesses definite potential. For anyone to achieve success, he or she needs to first discover one’s potential, which involves an understanding of the self, of dominant traits and of levels of different skills one inherently possesses. Knowing, however, what one can and cannot do is never enough. The development or enhancement of this inherent capability in the form of various traits and skills more particularly during the foundation years of the children towards the Realization of their inherent potential is very crucial.

Our Team

Team Entelki has a pool of experts in various fields like Human Development, Education, Child Psychology and Academic subjects with experience in respective fields ranging from 20 to 30 years. These experts provide valuable technical support to enrich the site for optimal results and effects.

Advisory Board

Industry experts from wide range of fields continuously keep monitoring the requirements of the industry against the services provided through our website and advise us on an ongoing basis towards maintaining the right balance between the society’s requirement and system capability.

Our Partners

Team Entelki has been working with different partners to help various organisations achieve the aim of providing quality education and help build basic competencies in school children.

Our Presence

Being a multi-lingual system, Entelki's clientele is spread pan India. Entelki has its presence in urban, rural as well as tribal areas.